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More Thank Talk

I'm a person who believes we can't simply complain about a problem, we have to "work" and put some action into finding a result. Don't just talk about what's wrong. Let's fix it.

Changing The Narrative

I get very frustrated with people who say Black people don't work together or we don't help each other. That's simply not true. Our social media pages are full of positive stories of famous and infamous Black people who help Black people. We're PROOF that Black America Cares.


Red, Black & Green
These colors represent the Pan-African flag, which came from Marcus Garvey. Red symbolizes the blood that's been shed. Black symbolizes our blackness...our color and green symbolizes the land and past, present and future prosperity. The people in the logo are red, black and green and are each supporting/hugging each other.

Founder & CEO.JPG

Kimberly Holmes

I started this organization for a couple of reasons. First, because I've never forgetten when I was struggling and there was NO place I could go for help. I worked and didn't qualify for financial assistance. I decided to become the help I couldn't find. Secondly because I was attending a church and was giving literally thousands of dollars but I saw no evidence of how that money was impacting the community. Instead of complaining I decided I'd do it myself. I'm going to be a part of the change I want to see in our communities. People ask, "can white people be a part of this?" Sure, as long as they understand this is OUR space and we run things in a way that best suits and benefits "us".

We Are Our Own Answer!

Our Team

BAC Staff_Ernest Brooks.jpg

Ernest Muhammad

Senior Consultant

BAC Staff_Erica Fields.jpg

Erica Fields

Senior Consultant

BAC Staff_Lydia Sisco.jpg

Lydia Sisco

Senior Consultant

BAC Staff_Ikea Green.jpeg

Ikea Green

Executive Assistant

Our Ambassadors

We’re thankful for our Ambassadors.  Like our Board Members, they believe in the mission, goals and values of Black America Cares and they're willing to share it with others.  They add value and coherence to the meaning and purpose of our organization. Overall, they help others see our vision. 

BAC’s ambassadors also help cultivate a base of volunteers and supporters and help us get the word out about who we are and what we do. Interested in being a BAC ambassador? Send an email to

BAC_Gwen Glaize_Ambassador.jpg

Gwendolyn Glaize

Pic of Butch.jpg


Butch McAdams

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