BAC is a results-driven organization. We assess our program annually by examining results from the individuals and families we assist. This will be accomplished by helping our participants make positive life choices and then interviewing them so they can share how we impacted their lives.


As we grow, our “Stories” page will feature photos and stories of the people we serve. We will also create an “Impact” video featuring program participants. This way, our supporters will actually see how their financial contribution is being used help others.

We ran into this lady in a carryout restaurant. She's the cashier and had a sign on the counter that said she's homeless and needs money. BAC put her in a hotel for a night.

One of the ways we’d like to serve the seniors in our community is through providing them with transportation to the grocery store, church, and even to enjoyable events such as the mall, the movies or to a play or musical. Our senior transportation service will also provide jobs, especially for returning citizens. We believe in second chances and want to help those who need jobs that will help them rebuild their lives. Donating to Black America Cares will help us purchase a passenger van, buy gas, and allow our seniors to participate in this program at very little or no cost to them.

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